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Marta Estella. Portfolio 2009-2010 1st term

gen. 21 2010

Global self-assessment

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The work I have performed during this independent learning course has proved to be quite useful to enhance my language skills in English. The learning contract has helped me to become more aware of my needs and expectations, outlined as learning goals, and it is a practice to be applied to other issues in the future in order to keep on improving my English.

On the other hand, the face-to-face sessions with Caterín, the tutor, have helped me to become more aware of my progress, assuming that that one’s own perception is the best measure for listening, and that evidence of objective measure is important in other skills, like grammar. It must be said that I have designed and filled in a rubrica for listening and conversation that has helped me to assess my performance in both skills. Regarding the face-to-face sessions too, the first one was very useful to set out the goals in my learning contract.

As a result of the course, I feel now more confortable in writing, I think that my listeing capability has improved, I have become more fluent in conversations, and I have a better knowledge on some grammar rules. A more detailed description of this self-assessment is provided in the next pages of this portfolio: writing, listening, conversation, and grammar.

One fact I regret is that we the students have not created a peer-to-peer network to keep in contact and to support each other. I think it is an important aim in independent learning; otherwise it is somehow like running alone under the coach’s advice.

On the whole, I  consider this independent learning course as a drop of water that, once it falls on a lake, becomes expanding circles that allow it to reach further.

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