Dr Inmaculada García-Sánchez (Temple University)

Dr. García-Sánchez is a linguistic anthropologist with a strong interdisciplinary training in anthropology, linguistics, and education.  Her work examines immigrant children and youth’s communicative practices, broadly conceived, in the contexts of educational institutions (both secular and religious), peer groups, and families, and across linguistic, cultural, and national boundaries.  Her research agenda combines long-term ethnography and fine-grained discourse analysis of language use (in both interviews and everyday practices), along with archival and print material.  This approach allows her to contextualize everyday linguistic and sociocultural practices within a larger sociohistorical frame.  Her research agenda offers a critical dialogue between linguistic anthropology, educational ethnography, and socio-cultural development of bi-/multilingual immigrant children and youth.


Dr Jürgen Jaspers (Université libre de Bruxelles)

Jürgen Jaspers is a sociolinguist and associate professor of Dutch linguistics at the Université Libre de Bruxelles. His research mainly focuses on the ethnographic study of classroom interaction, urban multilingualism and linguistic standardisation processes.