The (Nearly) Final Frontier

The springboard to success for C1 ESL students

Sep 30 2011


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Dear students,
We welcome you to your level 6 course! This blog has been designed to provide you with further practice and extra resources to practice the different language skills. We highly encourage you to use it regularly, together with your textbook and other class materials.

The blog is structured into several categories (visible in the right hand side menu):
1. Class Material – this section contains topic-related extra vocabulary handouts.
2. Grammar – this sections contains Grammar Explanations and Grammar Exercises.
3. General resources – this section contains videos, newspaper articles and other materials that will be used for in-class debates and other assignments.
4. Varis – this section contains useful materials for end-of-course exam practice.

The Level 6 teaching team will be updating the blog regularly, so keep an eye on it for the latest changes.
Wishing you an enriching journey to the final frontier,
Chuck, José and Alex