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Gen 27 2011

City and rural life

Idioma: anglès
Nivell: A2 / B1 (nivell 2 i 3)
Destresa:  parla, vocabulari

Communicative objectives:

1.  Getting acquainted with vocabulary related to city and rural life.

2. Expressing preference.


Work in pairs. Complete this chart using the vocabulary given and discuss the solutions with your partner. You may want to add a few things more in each slot. Then, explain your partner if you prefer the city or the rural life. Try to use the expressions you will find in this sheet.

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Nov 27 2009

Visiting London

Posted in A2 (nivell 2), Anglès, Parla |


Idioma: anglès
Nivell: A2 (nivell 2)
Destresa: parla

Communicative objectives:

The objective of this activity is that you learn how to:
– Ask for and give directions
– Use the right prepositions
– Learn vocabulary related to the city

You went to visit London but now you are lost in the city centre. You had to meet a friend of yours but he can’t come. You find a tourist guide in Trafalgar Square and you ask him how to get to the main attractions of London.

Work in pairs: one is the tourist and the other one is the tourist guide. Look at the map for a couple of minutes, you are in Trafalgar Square now. One student asks the other one how to reach the following places, and the other tells the best way to get there.
– Westminster Cathedral (learn more)
– Marble Arch (learn more)
– Tower of London (learn more)
– Imperial War Museum (learn more)
– British Museum (learn more)
– Royal Albert Hall (learn more)

Modal verbs: (e.g. you should…, you ought to…, etc.)
Prepositions: (e.g. in front of, between, behind, along, etc.)
Questions: (e.g. Where is…, How can I get to…, etc.)

City (e.g. church, cathedral, park, garden, street, roundabout, etc.)
Directions: (e.g. left, right, go straight on, etc.)
Connectors of time: (e.g. then, after, first of all, later)

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Set 17 2009

Bikes in the city


Idioma: anglès
Nivell: B1 / B2.1 / B2.2 / C1.1 (nivell 3,4,5 i 6)
Destresa: parla

Communicative objectives:
With this exercise you will learn how to give your opinion with different introduction expressions.

Work in pairs. What do you think about riding a bike in the city? Write a short list of advantages and disadvantages of riding a bike in the city. Afterwards, choose whether you are for or against bikes in the city (one should be ‘for’ and the other one should be ‘against’) and have a discussion about this topic.


1. Phrases:
I think…
I believe…
I agree…
I don’t agree
I disbelieve…

1. Disagreeing
I’m not keen on…
I don’t particularly like…
I can’t stand…
It’s not my idea of…
I would rather not…

2. But + giving your idea.
I would prefer…
I’d much rather…
I’d rather…
I like the idea, but I prefer…
It’s not that…, but it would be better if…

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