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Des 11 2009

I’m tired


Idioma: Anglès
Nivell: A1 / A2 (nivell 1 i 2)
Destresa: parla

Communicative objectives:
With this activity, you will learn how to:

– Talk about an illness
– Talk about a physical or psychological state
– Give advice

You met your dance partner a year ago. Your relationship has strengthened and you are good friends. When you have a problem you ring each other to explain it. Yesterday, your dance partner asked you whether you could meet, because s/he has been feeling a bit depressed lately. S/he has got some health problems.

Work in pairs. Play the roles of the friends when they meet. Ask your friend what is  what is wrong. S/he explains to you how s/he is feeling physically and psychologically. Swap roles.

Modal verbs (should, have to, must)
– Comparatives (e.g.: better than, worse than)
– Adjectives (e.g.: ill, sick, sleepy, annoyed, angry, etc.)
– Verbs that express states of mind or physical states: feel, have (a cold, the flu), have temperature, cough; my foot hurts, etc.
– Verbs: go out, smoke, drink, rest, relax, be good


Parts of the body

If you need help, you can use Test your vocabulary 1 and 2 (ANG 33 N1/2 Wat- respectively). For grammar references, you can use Practice your modal verbs (ANG 50 N2 Wat) and Essential Grammar in Use (ANG 50 N1 Mur).

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Nov 27 2009

At the police station


Idioma: anglès
Nivell: A1 i A2 (nivell 1 i 2)
Destresa: parla

Communicative objectives:
The objective of this activity is that you learn how to:
– Describe people
– Use the correct adjectives
– Use comparatives and superlatives

You saw someone stealing a car yesterday night. You decide to go to the police station in order to report it. They show you 6 pictures of the suspects of the crime.

Work in groups.
Take two minutes looking at the Pictures. Describe them and compare their faces in order to decide who stole the car.

– Subject pronouns (e.g. I, she, they, etc.)
– Comparatives (e.g. He is taller than, she is younger than, etc.)
– Superlatives (e.g. He is the oldest, she is the shortest, etc.)

– Physical appearance: (e.g. short, tall, thin, fat, etc.)
– Parts of the body: (e.g. head, nose, arms, feet, etc.)

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