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Gen 28 2010

Cloze text


Idioma: Anglès
Nivell: A2 / B1 (nivell 2 i 3)
Destresa: gramàtica

Communicative objectives:
With this exercise you will learn how to fill in the gaps with the correct word, by following a narrative thread. Thus, you will improve your knowledge of vocabulary and grammatical categories, especially prepositions, connectors and adverbs.

Complete the following text by writing each missing word or phrase in the space provided.
You are given three possible options for each gap.
The exercise begins with an example (0).

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Des 11 2009

Adjectives vs adverbs


Idioma: Anglès
Nivell: A2 / B1 (nivell 2 i 3)
Destresa: gramàtica

To learn how to use an adjective or and adverb depending on the sentence.

Read this explanation about adjectives and adverbs and try to fill in the gaps in the exercise.


We use adjectives and adverbs to qualify or limit the meaning of other words, but we can’t substitute an adverb for an adjective in a sentence. Each one has its own specific job to do.

• Adjectives describe a noun or a pronoun. They usually precede the noun or the pronoun that they modify.

E.g.: It is an interesting film.
Susan is a beautiful girl.

• Adverbs describe a verb, and adjective or other adverb. They tell us how an action was done. Many adverbs are formed by adding –ly to an adjective. Adverbs usually come after the subject or after the object.

E.g.: Mary quickly wrote the letter.
Mary wrote the letter quickly.

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