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Mai 17 2011


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Idioma: anglès

Nivell:  B1 (nivell 3)

Destresa: parla

Communicative Objective: the purpose of this activity is to learn how to talk about people’s personality.

Situation: One of my friends, Mary, is kind, sympathetic, beautiful, and smart. She is also very calm, easy to please, and considerate. My other friend, Robin,  is aggressive, argumentative, stubborn, inflexible, and selfish. The thing is that Mary is so dull and boring, whereas Robin is the exciting and interesting one.

We know that we like to have a variety of friends with different personalities, but does this also apply for other significant people in our lives?

Task: Work in pairs . Describe to your partner what characteristics you like about people present in your life (such as friends, family, significant others.)

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