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Mai 16 2011

What’s your favorite…?

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Idioma: anglès
Nivell: A1 (nivell 1)
Destresa: parla

Communicative objective: How to talk about likes and dislikes.  Learn how to use typical questions and sentences in a first conversation.

Situation: You meet a friend in a park and you two start a conversation.

Task: Work in pairs. Tell your friend about your favorite things: colours, countries, sports, food, cars, movies, etc).  Now try to guess your partner’s favorite things. If you are wrong, ask him/her to know it and say why you thought another thing.

Tip: here you have an example of a conversation with these questions:

I think your favorite music is country.

No. I like pop music. Why did you think I like country?

And what kind of food do you like?

And what type of pasta do you prefer?

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