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Des 14 2010

My Favorite Movie…

Idioma: anglès
Nivell: B2.1 / B2.2 / C1.1 (nivell 4,5 i 6)
Destresa: parla

Communitative objective: the purpose of this activity is to practice descriptions and improve story telling abilities.

Situation: imagine that you have just seen your favourite movie for the first time.  You are so excited that you want to tell everybody about it so that everybody can  see it as well.

Task: describe your favorite movie with enough detail and description that your partner should be able to name the film if he/she has seen it.  The person describing the movie should be able to describe the characters, plot, possible meanings of the film, etc.  The listener should ask questions so that he/she may be able to find out what the person´s favorite movie is.

check out this short example that gives you an idea on the activity.

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