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Gen 28 2010

Check your writing


Idioma: Anglès
Nivell: B2.1 / B2.2 (nivell 4 i 5)
Destresa: Escriptura

Communicative Objective:

The goal of this activity is that students learn from the mistakes done in a composition after having revised it.


Write a letter of about 150 words in replay to the advert. After a while, check the writing trying to answer the following questions:

Checklist for revising paragraphs:

1.      Can the reader follow my ideas?

2.      Is the topic sentence clear?

3.      Is the topic sentence fully supported by facts and details?

4.      Does the paragraph develop just one idea?

5.      Is it coherent and consistent?

6.      Are there any vocabulary mistakes?

7.      Are there any grammar mistakes?

Checklist for revising the essay:

1.      Is the topic well narrowed down?

2.      Does the body of the essay support coherently the ideas?

3.      Does the paragraph follow a logical order?

4.      Has the essay a conclusion?

Other possible writing activities.

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