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Des 16 2009

Election of the students’ council President

Idioma : Anglès

Nivell : B1 / B2.1 (nivell 3 i 4)

Destresa : parla

With this activity students will learn how to criticize or support other people’s ideas as well as supporting theirs.

Students are worried about some issues that concern them like the dates of the exams, having time enough to study, etc. In order to make things better, the election of the president of the students’ council is going to take place.

Take notes for a speech to explain the reasons why you should be elected as president. A wide range of ideas should be prepared in order to persuade the rest of the students.

If you are in a group, other students can ask questions about your programme.


If you elect me, I will change the exams schedule.

  • Revise the use of “will/won’t” in order to express future

I will change as many things as you ask me.

You may use vocabulary concerning character description as well as some vocabulary related to university life and certain expressions to express dis/agreement.

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