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Des 16 2009

Being a seller for a day


Idioma : Anglès

Nivell : B1 / B2.1 (nivell 3 i 4)

Destresa : parla

Communicative objectives:

With this activity the student will learn how to:

–         Use the basic tips to initiate a conversation

–         Introduce yourself to a stranger


Imagine you are a seller and you have to go house-by-house trying to sell an encyclopaedia. You need to reach a minimum amount of sells in order to get an extra pay and this month you just need to sell one more to get it.


Work in pairs/groups. One of you will have to assume the role of the seller while the other/s will be the customer. You have to be nice to the customer if you want him/her to buy your product, some things you could do are:

– talk to the client about your day or asking the client about his/hers.
– offering a discount.

– giving a present for the purchase.


Present continuous:      What are you doing? I’m cooking the dinner

Future Forms:              You will learn about everything you need to know

I’m going to show you the best encyclopaedia


Expressing apologies and thanks: (e.g. I’m sorry, I apologise for… Thank you very much, I really appreciate it…)

Greetings and farewells: (e.g. Hi/Hello, see you later…)

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