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Des 11 2009

Wh- Questions


Idioma: Anglès
Nivell: A2 / B1 (nivell 2 i 3)
Destresa: gramàtica

To learn the different kinds of wh- questions and when they are used.

Read this explanation about wh- questions and try to fill in the gaps in the exercise.

They are open questions and they are used to ask about general information. They are placed in front of the question.

• What: When you are asking for information about something.
E.g.: What is your name? My name is Helen.
• Which: When you are asking for information about one of a limited number of things.
E.g.: Which shirt do you like? I like the red one.
• Who: To ask about someone’s identity.
E.g.: Who are Steven and Jack? They are Mary’s brothers.
• When: To ask about the time that something happened or will happen.
E.g.: When is the party? The party is on Tuesday.
• Where: To ask questions about place or position.
E.g.: Where are you from? I’m from England.
• Why: It is used to ask about reasons. The answer usually begins with because.
E.g.: Why are the children on holiday? Because today is their birthday.
• How: To ask about the way in which something is done.
E.g.: How are you? I’m fine, thanks.

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