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Des 10 2009

Decisions, decisions

Idioma: Anglès
Nivell: B1 / B2.1 (nivell 3 i 4)
Destresa: parla

Communicative Objectives:
This conversation will help you to learn:
– How to express you preferences
– How to decide where is better to go/ travel to

You and your best friend are planning a trip. However, it is more difficult than it seemed to be. He/she wants to spend the first three weeks of August in the USA, and she also wants to buy the tickets through a travel agency. However, you think it would be better to spend the first two weeks in Ireland buying the tickets through the internet because you know it would be cheaper.

Discuss when are you going abroad (dates), where are you going to go (place), how much are you going to spend (money) and where are you going to buy your tickets.


– Would like to…
– I prefer…rather than…
– Why don’t we…?
– It will be better to…rather than…


Going to, Would like to
• Prefer/ Would like to/ rather than
Vocabulary when travelling

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