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Des 10 2009

At the hotel


Idioma: Anglès
Nivell: A2 / B1 (nivell 2 i 3)
Destresa: parla

Communicative Objectives:
This conversation will help you to learn:
– How to solve problems in a hotel
– How to use the past simple


You have been working so hard this year so your family decided to give you a weekend in Paris as a present for your effort. However, once you get to the hotel reception, there is a problem with the booking form and the registered.  You call your parents in order to prove that room belongs to you and to be able to change the reservation name. Your parents don’t answer the phone and the receptionist doesn’t speak English very well.


You have to solve all these problems with the receptionist. You have to explain her clearly that room is a gift from your parents. Moreover, you have to tell her that there was a misunderstanding with the booking name. She doesn’t understand you very well. Try to be as clear as possible because she has to trust you and you have no evidence to prove that you are telling the truth.

Grammar and vocabulary:

Simple Past tense
Vocabulary used in hotels

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