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Des 04 2009

Comparatives and superlatives


Llengua: anglès
Nivell: A1
Destresa: gramàtica

Communicative Objectives:
To learn how to form and use comparative and superlative adjectives.

Read this explanation about comparatives and superlatives and try to fill in the gaps in the exercise

Comparatives and superlatives are special forms of adjectives which are used to compare two or more things.

• Comparatives: They are used to compare two things. We use than after comparative adjectives. With short adjectives you have to add –er whereas in long adjectives we have to add more + adjective.

E.g.: Mark is taller than Paul.
Helen is more intelligent than Mary.

• Superlatives: They are used to compare more than two things. It indicates that something has a greater degree than anything. Superlative sentences usually use THE, because there is only one superlative. Short adjectives are formed adding –est and long adjectives using the + most + adjective.

E.g.: George is the tallest in the class.
Mary is the most beautiful girl in the school.

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