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Jun 30 2009

The right to smoke


Idioma: agnlès
Nivell: B2.1 / B2.2 / C1.1 (nivell 4,5 i 6)
Destresa: escriptura


With this activity you will learn to write a persuasive essay using connectors.

Write a pesuasive essay by looking at the following instructions and using the transitional expressions and connectors attached.


1.-Look through the list of different types of connectors.

2.-Imagine there is a proposal to ban smoking in all public places including restaurants and bars being debated in the Catalan government. The government has decided to collect the opinions of the citizens and you have been asked to voice your thoughts. Use the transitional expressions attached to write a short essay stating your opinion on the smoking ban. Use the following structure to organize your ideas:

• Introduction (short; state your personal opinion: for or against the ban; state your 3 reasons)
• 1st point (state the 1st reason and why that’s important)
• 2nd point (state the 2nd reason and why that’s important)
• 3rd point (state the 3rd reason and why that’s important)
• Conclusion (short; restate your personal opinion and your reasons)

3.-Once you finish, check spelling, punctuation, cohesion and coherence.

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